Uplift your Self-Confidence and Talent over the Summer at 2nd2Nunn Sports “Life of an Athlete” Basketball Clinic! Live of an Athlete Clinic is designed to educate our student athletes through the proper techniques and fundamentals of the six components of athletic performance – Strength, Power, Speed, Mobility, Nutrition, and Recovery. At the same time we will work to keep you on top of your game by incorporating drills that will help you on your shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding, and defensive skills.

Not only will our student athletes gain a better understanding of the tools that we will be providing them, they will also become more knowledgeable of the work that it takes to become an Elite Athlete.

This basketball clinic is designed for the devoted basketball players willing to educate the mind and train the body to reach new levels mentally and physically in their game. The clinic will focus on enhancing one’s knowledge and their skills of the game of basketball by putting them through rigorous offensive and defensive individual drills.

July 15th – 19th,
July 22nd – 26th,
July 29th – August 2nd, &
August 5th – August 9th

Monday – Friday | 9am – 5pm with 8:30am drop off.

The cost for the week is $200.