Our Vision is to provide first class programs, exceptional athletic instruction, competitive play, and life skills mentoring for young people and their families at an affordable price.

2nd2NUNN Sports, Inc. is an independent non-profit organization serving the families of the Greater Northern Virginia Area. At 2nd2NUNN we open our doors to our participants and their families to share in our positive principles and grow their leadership potential through sports and physical fitness.

The 2nd2NUNN philosophy centers around the thought that sports and fitness have the power to strengthen individuals and in turn their relationships with others and in turn strengthens our community. To further our program mission and mentorship philosophy, we provide events and programs that engage our participants in open communication, sports, and a sense of belonging and team work. Each individual succeeds at their own pace and in their own way, and we are proud to be there to guide them along their journey to achieving their best self. We are proud to partner with area business, professional sports teams, and public agencies to provide our programs.

Our Mission
At 2nd2NUNN Sports Inc, our Mission is to create opportunities for our youth to thrive! We are committed to providing programs for youth & adults that support a healthier more self-sufficient generation; linking fitness, fun, training, team building, academic success and community service. We are able to accomplish all of these goals by:

  • Promoting programs that involve the athlete and their families to cultivate a healthier lifestyle together.
  • Providing sports-for-all, regardless of fitness level or physical abilities.
  • Coaching & mentoring life-enhancing principles & ideals through sports activities & physical development training.
  • Requesting an “Academic First” commitment for all of our participants & parents, arranging additional resources when needed to ensure that success.
  • Cultivating a community service mindset in our participants, providing community service opportunities & family-friendly programs & activities for our surrounding area.

Our Services

2nd2Nunn Sports believes in building inspired relationships through the use of MENTORING. The key to our organization is to foster and build trusting relationships with today’s young people. We offer leadership, opportunity and encouragement aimed at developing the competence and character of the mentee.

  • Mentoring Services
  • Traditional Mentoring

    One adult to one young person

  • Group Mentoring

    One adult working with up to four young people

  • Team Mentoring

    Several adults working with small groups of young people.

  • E-Mentoring

    Mentoring via e-mail and the Internet.

Athletic Training

2nd2NUNN Sports offers sports training & clinics throughout the year, focusing on fundamental skill sets and technique improvement.

  • Strength & Conditioning/Clinic Skill Sets
  • Baseball/Softball Individual/Clinic Skill Sets
  • Basketball Individual/Clinic Skill Sets
  • Football Individual/Clinic Skill
  • Track & Field Individual/Clinic Skill Sets
  • Boxing Individual/Clinic Skill Sets
  • Wrestling Individual/Clinic Skill Sets
Sports Entertainment Management

2ND2NUNN Sports provides developmental training and guidance for athletes, musicians, models, comedians and producers in nearly every sport, music genre, comedy genre and modeling industry.

  • Services Include
  • Contracts

    The understanding of contract negotiations, licensing and endorsements, marketing and public relations

  • Personal Branding

    The how to for personal brand building, broadcasting and speaking opportunities.

  • Public Relations Training

    Media training, image and crisis management and media relations.